TEST for AFRICA, as a UK Charity, relies exclusively on the generosity of donors.

TEST for AFRICA is somewhat unique in that, unlike most charities, a fundamental part of its Constitution is that everyone associated with the Charity agrees to work on a pro-bono basis. In other words, there are no administrative charges and therefore 100% of any donation will be channelled directly for Scholarships for tertiary education. Moreover, the Trustees of TEST for AFRICA pledge that its recipient local African charities, such as TEST for GHANA, will have not only the same pro-bono commitment in terms of their own Constitutions, but also that all their local Stakeholders (Universities and Polytechnics) will also commit to administer Scholarships on a pro-bono basis. Accordingly, our Trustees are able to guarantee that 100% of any donations will go entirely to its Scholars.

Any donation made to TEST for AFRICA will also have not only a Scholarship naming opportunity, but also donors will be invited to select the nature of the Scholarship in terms of country, Stakeholder and subject matter. For example, a donor may request that their donation create the “John Doe Memorial Scholarships” at the University of Development Studies in Ghana for Agribusiness Studies. Such donors will receive bi-annual reports on the progress of their Scholars as well as TEST for AFRICA’s and the local African Charity’s Annual Reports.

Another feature of TEST for AFRICA is that, our local African Charities will have both continuing mentoring and career advisory programmes for their Scholars. Moreover, each will create active alumni associations to build team spirit and continuity of support to newcomers. Donors will be encouraged to not only track the academic development of their Scholars, but also their post educational careers.


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Gift Aid is a simple, tax effective way for UK tax payers to increase their donations to TEST for AFRICA by 28% at no extra cost to the donor. The Gift Aid scheme enables Charities to claim from the UK Government an additional 25p for every £1 donated by a UK tax payer. Moreover, the UK Government has added an extra 3.2p of Transitional Relief for every £1 for all eligible donations until 2011.

In addition to this generous scheme, higher rate UK tax payers are eligible to reclaim an additional 25p for every £1 donated to TEST for AFRICA simple by reporting their donations on their Self Assessment Forms. This rebate may also be donated directly to TEST for AFRICA on the same form if the donor elects to do so. Moreover, this additional donation can also be increased further through Gift Aid.

As an example, if you wish to donate £ 1,000, then Gift Aid amounts to £ 250, Transitional Relief adds a further £ 32.05, making a total of £ 1,282.05 to TEST for AFRICA. Higher rate tax payers can then reclaim £ 250, thereby making the net cost of their donation £ 750. Accordingly, as a high rate tax payer, if you wish to donate a net amount of £ 1,000, then you should donate £ 1,333.33 and the Charity will receive £ 333.33 as Gift Aid and an additional £ 42.73 Transitional Relief, bringing a total gift to TEST for AFRICA to £ 1,709.39. You then reclaim £ 333.33 through your Self Assessment Forms filing.

To make a donation using the Gift Aid scheme, you can download the latest Gift Aid form here. TEST for Africa is a UK registered charity, registered under number 1124600.